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So, I’m learning by doing. I’m starting to put in my progress on several ELTWIPs that have been lingering for a long time already, but to which I’m returning on a fairly regular basis. It’s fun to see where I’m standing with some of them. I’ve started with one of the two Châtelaine projects I have on the go, where I get some small progress each time I pick it up. And I do pick up the German Ostsee most frequently, the other is Alpine Seasons, which is also a lovely piece that I enjoy very much.

I’ve been rather in pain in my shoulder for the past few days. That back can hurt something bad, I believe I caught a bit of draft last Saturday – ever since then it’s gone up and down, but mostly down. So I’m probably swallowing my usual dislike and call the doctor…

Really hate going to the doctor. They usually find something and I don’t want things to be found. I’m the ‘I turn my back to the wall and wait until it’s passed’ type for as long as I can, but on this occasion I’ll have to accept that time is not going to heal it. I’m sure it’s the muscles rather than anything else, I’m totally stiff and it hurts to turn my head.

Towards the end of this year I’m going to get a new car! That’s quite exciting, because that will be the first time I’ll have a completely new one. I’m even in the comfortable position that I don’t need to lease, I can buy upfront, because my bank allows me to up my second mortgage to the original amount (They wouldn’t give me the whole in one mortgage, but the second is so small that the higher interest doesn’t hurt) I received back in 1996. I’ve paid off over 18’000 CHF of that in the meantime and can thus pay for the whole car. That’s great, because I hate paying off things! I’ll ad another 4’000 off my normal account and the remainder of 3000 will be paid within the next year. So by December I’ll have a brand spanking new Peugeot 207 station wagon, yay! I hope that I’ll be off the hook of the garage for a few years after that, apart from the usual maintenance services, which should not bring up much in the first few years either.


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(FANFICTION) Exile In Switzerland / Chapter 1 – A New Home

This post has been moved to my other blog for all my writing: Swisswitch writes .

The three other chapters I’ve deleted. It seems unpractical to have my fanfiction stuff here in the midst of my other stuff 🙂




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It’s been a while

But not even as long as between some of my other posts on Multiply 🙂 As we’re getting thrown out there I have to do my stitching updates here. It doesn’t allow for galleries where I could see my progress from one to the next picture, but there you go…

So I’ll post a few updates of some of my projects here and learn to put a few words down with them.

I actually have something finished this year, which is a project I’m using for a presentation of my hobby at this year’s company party, where the subject is: hobbies… the project I specifically designed is a small(ish) band sampler:


I really like how it’s turned out. The fabric colour in the photo is darker than the real one. I used Silk ‘n’ Colours Autumn Bouquet and did some parts in simple primary DMC colours.

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Floss inventory

Once a year or so I go through my DMC floss stash to determine what I need to restock. I try to keep a permanent stock of 2 skeins per colour minimum, just to know that I never have to dash out to buy floss 🙂

This year’s inventory showed that I have 1557 skeins of DMC floss (not counted the Variations, but included the variegated colours) – that’s a hell of a lot of skeins… But some of that stock comes from a mass buy on E-Bay ages ago and some comes from a huge order of floss I made back in 2000 or so for a project that never materialised in the end and so I have a few colours (mostly forest greens and browns of all sorts) where there are up to 15 skeins or so.

I still have to go out to shop for some where I’m down on one started skein, yikes! Still – only 23 colours, some of them new ones where I only had one colour in stock.

All in all I’m probably never going to use up all of that floss, LOL…

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